About NHD


Nutrition, Health and Development (NHD) Institute target the mentioned objectives, has started its activities since 2006 under managing of Dr. R.Sheikholeslam) Nutrition Epidemiologist)


Regarding to its scientific capabilities, NHD tries to recognize the

problems of health sector and analyses them in its specialized working

groups. NHD also presents the applicable solutions to the managers of

public and private sectors, and tries to encourage them draw their cooperation to solve the problems.


Availability of sufficient and necessary facilities to everybody, in

order to enjoy an appropriate Nutrition, Education and Health, so

that the capabilities of community can be utilized and efficient human

resource can be produced for the development of the country.


• Availability of Health and Happy life for everyone;

• Effective macro policies, for public access to a healthy life;

• Developing individual and social commitment on personal, national and international health

• Promoting Nutrition and Health knowledge

• Altering inappropriate nutritional and health behaviors.


• Recognizing and analyzing the problems in the fields of Food, Nutrition and Health;

• Presenting appropriate managerial models for nutrition and health improvement programs at different parts of community;

• Modeling appropriate interventions for improving nutrition and health status of community; especially for children, women and vulnerable groups, and suggesting effective policies;

• Designing and implementing research studies in the field of food and nutrition security, and social health determinants, and presenting

appropriate solutions;

• Cooperating governmental, nongovernmental and international organizations, regarding to the objectives of NHD institute;

• Educating and culture-making at school skills to benefit appropriate nutrition and health, among children;

• Implementing appropriate seminars and educational workshops for different target groups;

• Providing nutrition consultation and diet therapy services;

• Preparing educational materials on nutrition and life style for social class of community;

• Providing scientific cooperation for manufacturers, in order to produce healthy foods.