Dr. Robabeh Sheikholeslam

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Pharmasist , MPH, Nutrition Epidemiologist

After some time working in the field of pharmaceutical, Dr.Sheikholeslam reached to the result that it is better to continue her carrier on maintaining and improving the public health.

Compiling the “National Pharmaceutical Statistics” which is still used by the managers of pharmacology sector, and also supporting the production of an educational movie titled “Researching on Extracts” which won an international prize, are among the outcomes of her work in pharmacology field.

She continued her studies and received an MPH and a PhD degree in Nutrition Epidemiology, hoping to be able to effectively do something in preventing nutritional deficiencies and malnutrition among children, at national level .

When she retired from ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2005, many believed that she had done her best in the Health sector of the country; she had succeeded to Iodize edible salts, and had established a monitoring and surveillance system for reducing goiter prevalence in the country; she had also conducted 7 national surveys for determining national nutrition status and organizing appropriate interventions for solving the problems.

Hard efforts of Dr.Sheikholeslam and her colleagues, with support of a number of academic nutritionists, had resulted to a 50% decrease in the prevalence of malnutrition among under 5 years old children of the rural areas of three provinces, during 3 years. The project was so successful that was generalized to the whole of the country.next >>>>

Some of her outstanding works in the field of nutrition include implementing the project of weekly Iron supplementation along with nutrition education for high school girls, implementing school milk program, designing and producing cakes fortified with vitamin A and Iron, fortifying flour with Iron and Folic Acid at national level, fortifying milk with vitamin D, supporting the production of omega-3 rich eggs, encouraging oil industry to improve the quality of edible oils and reduce saturated and trans fatty acids, designing an appropriate food basket for using in the crisis, preparing the protocol of nutrition in public places and notifying it to all of the ministries and organizations of the country,      producing about 40 educational teasers, translating and publishing 37 books on different issues of nutrition, publishing 12 educational posters on nutrition, producing 9 educational movies on nutrition, designing and implementing public education mobilization on children’s growth and nutrition, and promoting use of mothers-specific growth monitoring cards. One of her most fundamental works was capacity building in the universities of the country for developing different nutrition specialties in the cell to society spectrum and reaching to the world frontiers of knowledge and providing a 30 year jumping in the field of nutrition education and research, which was formed through the help of a group of 31 of different nutrition specialists from authorized universities of the world and support of the World Bank. She several times traveled to the countries of the region as the consultant of World Health Organization, and shared her experiences on the importance and method of improving the public health status with them.

Dr. Sheykholeslam was selected as exemplary manager of the ministry of Health and Medical Education in 1996 and 2005, and received 35 acknowledgment letters from the ministers and national and international organizational during her career. Meanwhile, the first prize of the 6th round of Razi research festival in 2000 for implementing the national research of the nutrition status of the children of the country, the first prize for preparing the manuscript and managing the production of the movie of “Vicious Cycle of Malnutrition &poverty”, and the first prize of Khorshid festival for the movie of “salt of life” were awarded to her. She was also the candidate of receiving the world woman prize in 2000, and the world food prize in 2002 and 2003.

After retiring, she has established Nutrition, Health and Development institute and also the “Scientific Association for Healthy Food and Nutrition”, and has gathered a number of experienced Health professionals, to continue her effective activities in the field of Nutrition and Health. She also created WWW.Behsite.ir an public educational site is Persian language with assist of Ms.Ziba Kaveie a nutritionist who is the member of NHD.