Dr. Shadpour Kamel

dr shadpour Dr. Shadpour; Kamel

Head of Board

During his first 16 years of carrier (1963-1979) fully involved in preventive medicine and providing healthcare services to rural and urban population Dr Shadpour gained lots of quite tangible experience. In his second run of 16 (1979- 1994) he found a chance to translated them all in forming a group of three for designing a new healthcare system for Iran. At the same time span Dr Shadpour was the team member to make the designed Networks run and expanded all over the country. The third 16 years of Dr Shadpour services were in the same line and mostly focused on health sector reform. His attending in 29 international or national conferences, presenting papers in 15 international seminars; writing20 books, either as the author or a co-author; translating 28 books, writing /disseminating 46 papers, and organizing 53 educational workshops and teaching in almost all of them were all aimed to make the Iranian model of PHC Networks known and for capacity buildings. Endeavors eventually awarded him Dr A.T. Shoush Medal and Prize in 2005 as it is announced “… for most outstanding contribution to national health policy development, community health delivery, and public health programs in the Eastern Mediterranean Region”.